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Permanent Plantings

Appraising orchards and vineyards can be complex so its important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced expert. We routinely appraise almonds, pistachios, walnuts citrus, and grapes (table, wine, raisin) and have in-depth knowledge of niche crops including tree fruit, kiwi, dates, avocados, apples, macadamia, and coffee.

Row Crops

Expert row crop valuation requires knowledge and experience. Local microclimate, water supply, and soil conditions impact the crops which can be grown and market demand. Our profound water knowledge of both of water districts and groundwater is integral for expert valuation.

Agribusiness Facilities

We specialize in appraising agribusiness facilities including cold storage, packinghouses, and greenhouses. These properties are complex and requires carefully study of both the facility and local supply and demand. Facilities can be appraised on either a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with farmland.

Equestrian Facilities

Horse properties are often poorly understood by appraisers, so it is important to work with an expert. Our comprehensive approach goes into great detail to understand the equestrian improvements and to carefully analyze fixtures and their value in this dynamic market. We speak horse!

Rural Land

If it’s a cattle ranch, timberland, or simply a rural tract of land, we have you covered. Appraising rural land is an art as much as a science and you can count on us for professional, timely, and unbiased appraisals.

Estate Planning / Conservation Easements

Many of our clients are attorneys and accountants who require appraisals for estate planning. Our reports are compliant with and exceed the standards of the IRS. We also specialize in appraisals for Conservation Easements which can include IRS and UASFLA (Yellow Book) compliance.